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Join, Renew, Upgrade your NRA Membership Here! With Discounts! the classroom.....

The single most important thing for you to bring is ……attitude!

Knowledge, skill, and attitude are the keys to safe and responsible firearms handling and ownership.

While we are very proficient in teaching knowledge and skills, attitude, which is the most important element, is something only you can posses or develop. By attending one of our courses you do show an interest in developing or honing this attitude! That is to be commended!

……paper and pencil, highlighters are encouraged as well! Training materials are supplied.

You may bring your firearms into the classroom. Please DO NOT bring live ammunition into the classroom.

… the range……

Eye and Ear Protection!

For NRA First Steps Pistol & NRA Basic Pistol, we provide both .22 caliber pistols and ammunition! (You may bring your own firearm and ammunition, we'll help you out with that as well).

Bring your firearm(s) to the range.

For NRA PPITH and PPOTH, you will need to bring your firearm and the required ammunition and a holster (strong hand hip or purse).

For NC Concealed Carry Handgun, bring your firearm, holster, and 50 rounds of the appropriate ammunition.

For NCCCH, IF you do not own a firearm….We have firearms to loan to you at the range. Bring the appropriate ammunition, .380ACP, or 38 Special, or 9mm, or 40S&W. This may be helpful to you when making a decision about what firearm to purchase!


Remember your safe and responsible Attitude!