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Marksmanship Resources
The US Army's Pistol Marksmanship Training Guide Diagnostic Target (Right Handed Shooter)
Sight Picture Diagram

Diagnostic Target (Left Handed Shooter)

Sight Adjustment (Windage)


Legal Resources

B.A.T.F. Documents Firearm Owners Protection Act (McClure-Volkmer) / Wikipedia
     Youth Handgun Safety Act North Carolina Firearms Law
     Gun Free School Zone Notice NC General Statute 14-315.1 "Storage of firearms to protect minors"
     Quick Reference to Federal Firearms Laws Insurance

North Carolina Department of Justice

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms
NC Justice Academy
Wake County Sheriff's Office Durham County Sheriff's Office
Johnston County Sheriff's Office Chatham County Sheriff's Office
Franklin County Sheriff's Office Granville County Sheriff's Office

Safety & Personal Security

Personal Firearms Record Sheet (.pdf, d/l and print) Warren v. District of Columbia (from Wikipedia) DC's highest court ruled that the police do not have a legal responsibility to provide personal protection to individuals....
Project ChildSafe  

National Rifle Association

National Shooting Sports Foundation

NRA - Institute for Legislative Action

Civilian Marksmanship Program

North Carolina Rifle & Pistol Association  

Colt Smith & Wesson
Browning Taurus
Sig Sauer Manuals Heckler & Koch
Kimber Bersa
Springfield Armory Magnum Research (Dessert Eagle, etc.)
Ruger Kel Tec
Beretta Glock
Kahr Arms Seecamp
CZ Makarov
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Know of others?...Click here and let us know, we'll add it to the list!

Looking for old Colt, Browning, Winchester serial numbers/year of manufacture?...Try....http://proofhouse.com/