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Pre-Course Evaluation for the NRA Basics of Personal

Protection Outside The Home Course

NRA Basic of Personal Protection Outside the Home course participants must be experienced shooters who posses the basic knowledge and skills of safe gun handling and handgun shooting. They must also have the basic knowledge, skills and attitude taught in NRAís Basics of Personal Protection In the Home course.

Validation of shooting experience can be one of the following:

  • NRA Basics of Personal Protection In the Home Course completion certificate
  • Passing the Pre-Course Evaluation below

Pre-Course Evaluation Checklist

1. Take the NRA Basics of Personal Protection In the Home Course Basic Student Examination and score 88% or higher.

Pass:                                                  Fail:                            

 2. State and demonstrate the three fundamental NRA Rules for Safe Gun Handling.

Pass:                                                  Fail:                            

 3. Demonstrate the proper loading, cocking, uncocking, and unloading procedures with a revolver and semi-automatic pistol and dummy cartridges, including the handgun the student will use during the course.

Pass:                                                  Fail:                            

 4. Demonstrate the ability to shoot two, five-shot groups nine-inch or smaller in the middle of the target from a two-handed standing position at a distance of 21 feet, using the handgun the student will use during the course.

            a. Preliminary dry-firing exercise (check for safe handling and correct form)

            Pass:                                                  Fail:                            

             b. Live-firing exercise (Load and fire only one cartridge at a time, five times)

            Pass:                                                  Fail:                            

             c. Live-firing exercise (Load five cartridges and fire at studentís own pace)

            Pass:                                                  Fail:                            

Studentís Name:                                                                               Date Passed:                                   

 Instructorís Name:                                                                             NRA ID No.