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I've decided that I want to purchase a handgun for protection....what should I do?

Good Question!....we get it all the time.

First.....Learn the safety rules for firearms included in this FAQ section!

Do this before visiting the gun stores, gun shows, or even the range with a friend. You need not be apprehensive or scared of firearms, but you should have great respect for the damage that this "tool" is capable of.....GREAT BODILY HARM or DEATH.

Second.....educate yourself! Consider taking the NRA's First Steps course or Basic Pistol course. This course will expose you to the basics of firearm safety, operation, shooting skills development, and maintenance. The instructors will start at the beginning and lead you through the different aspects of the many types and uses of different firearms and ammunition.

Third......Know the law! Again, educate yourself, our NC Firearms Law and use of Deadly Force course is designed for this purpose. Know that your decision to purchase a firearm does not just affect you, but everyone that you come into contact with everyday. You must know the law as it pertains to storage of your firearm, transporting, open carry and concealed carry. You absolutely need a good understanding of the use of deadly force. Even a justified self-defense shooting WILL HAVE CONSEQUENCES.

and Finally, dedicate yourself to becoming proficient with your firearm and mental/emotional preparedness. Your decision to purchase should not be based on paranoia, but awareness of the dangers of modern day life. Practice, education, and fore-thought are the keys to a. avoidance of dangerous situations and b. defensive strategies should it be necessary.

Barry Allen